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Why Choose EMMIOL

Coined from a Spain word, Emmiol means beauty. Our clothing brand promotes the idea that beauty is about feeling good about yourself. We want woman to be whoever they want to be. Feel sexy, confident, and empowered.

You are the star of your life. And, Emmiol is all about giving you the fashion you need to feel glam and fab. As a brand that is all about fashion, we want to help you find your individuality through style. We want you to own yourself, simply by being you and enjoying fashion.

Whatever reason you have—to look for the perfect dress or to feel good on a bikini, we will give you something more. We want you to have the power to be free and find your own style. We know fashion is your best friend. And we are here to give all that is fashion.

Enjoy The Moment

With Emmiol, enjoy a good shopping time.

You are our inspiration to design and curate a wide collection of clothes that will empower you and define your individuality. With our collection of clothes, from street style to glam designs, you will find something that will define your own personality as a woman who knows her power and beauty. Every time you take one piece from us and adorn yourself with it, we want you to feel confident and ready to flaunt your style. And with Emmiol, you will find the right clothes to feel good.

Emmiol has everything that you are looking for. If you want to be a fashion diva, you will find the perfect dress that will fit and highlight your assets. If you want to rock the club scene and ramp your confidence, you can get a two-piece outfit that will perfectly express your effortless sexy style. Or if you want to get all the gaze on the beach, you can find a wide range of bikini options waiting for you to flaunt your skin and confidence.

Emmiol has everything you need to feel like a fashion star.

Our Story :
Fashion for a Cause

We are a group of people who love life, fashion, and animals. Our team is composed of designers and buyers from all over the globe who breathes fashion. With one goal, we are committed to provide taste makers and fashion-loving girls a clothing brand that will define their individuality and make them feel good by simply adorning themselves with the right clothes.

As a startup e-commerce platform, we want to make an effort to make fashion not just enjoyable but ethical. We want to pursue and give you fashion with a cause. We have a pet-friendly culture, where our office is an open environment for employees to bring their pets at work. This stimulates our creativity and keep our goals in mind. And to pursue this path more, we have always donated a portion of our profits to the Animal Protection Association and banned the use of leather and fur in the design.

We are passionate about fashion, our business, and the role we can play in the wider industry. We expect to constantly reduce our environmental impact, conserve natural resources and contribute to a more sustainable future. We set the 24th of each month as Emmiol Green Day. We’ll donate $0.1 for every item sold that day. By donating to One Tree Planted planting trees, we reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and become carbon-neutral.

We will continue to participate in more eco-friendly projects in the future and call our staff to join us on our mission for a more sustainable future. We'll just make life as good as it can be, and try to do it all a bit better. Learn more>


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